Our Roots


At Pacific Beach Organics we are more than just a sunscreen company, we are a part of a larger global movement to save the world’s oceans. Established in 2015, our roots are as organic and honest as our sunscreen products.

It began innocently enough when I set out to find a natural sunscreen for my daughter to use during her weekly surf sessions. When researching my options, I was shocked to learn of the devastating impacts chemical sunscreens have on human health and coral reefs. I didn’t understand the need to use detrimental chemicals in sunscreen products with so many natural and effective options readily available. Determined to innovate a completely different kind of sunscreen product, I started formulating my own out of a home kitchen in Pacific Beach. My goal was to create a high performance sunscreen with all-natural ingredients that was safe enough for everyday use and didn't pose a health risk to coral reefs. After researching plant and mineral based ingredients with sun protecting properties, I synthesized a unique Reef-Safe formula known today as Riptide Sunscreen.

Our Roots

We now produce our sunscreen products out of our FDA registered facility and are proud to still be manufacturing in San Diego where the vision was born. Our proprietary sunscreen formulas are produced in-house to ensure we have complete control over the quality of ingredients that go into every sunscreen batch. We’ve grown a lot since our humble beginnings but our mission remains the same, to produce the safest most effective sunscreen with the least environmental impact.