Riptide Sunscreen FAQs

Are your products safe for infants and children?

Yes! Non-Nano Zinc Oxide is the only active ingredient approved by the FDA for infants under 6 months old and it is the only active ingredient in our sunscreen products.

Is this a heavy sunscreen?

Spending time in the sun is one of the best ways to absorb daily Vitamin D but too much sun can leave the skin dry and depleted. Our sunscreens were innovated to replenish moisture while shielding overexposed skin from UVA and UVB rays. The lotion may feel heavy when initially applied but after hours of harmful UV exposure, skin is left feeling replenished and hydrated. The raw plant oils and butters are quickly absorbed by the skin and actively work against sun damage.

This sunscreen made my eczema spot go away, what else is it good for?

In our sunscreen Non-Nano Zinc Oxide provides true Broad Spectrum protection but in addition to shielding rays this amazing mineral treats contact dermatitis, cuts, scrapes, burns, chapped skin, and can even be used as a diaper cream. It’s an extremely natural and versatile product that has been used by runners to prevent skin chafing and naturalists as an underarm deodorant cream. From skinned knees to sunscreen, Riptide can be many things!

Is it good for diving?

Our dive customers love using Riptide Sunscreen because it’s Reef-Safe with ingredients that are trusted not to negatively impact coral or marine life. Our dive clientele report using Riptide Sunscreen to help keep their mask secure on their face while underwater. The lotion acts as an adhesive that binds the mask to the skin.

Sometimes my sunscreen seems to change consistency, is that normal?

Yes! Riptide Sunscreen is a natural product made with raw unrefined ingredients. Because of this, Riptide Sunscreen changes consistency depending on the temperature of the environment. With raw ingredients like beeswax and shea butter, our sunscreen stiffens in cooler weather and becomes ultra soft and creamy in tropical climates. Pro Tip: If your sunscreen is on the stiffer side, rub a small amount between both hands and the warmth of your skin will immediately soften the product.

Do I need to lay it on thick like a mask in order for it to work properly?

No! Surfers and many others who enjoy aquatic sports prefer a Zinc mask (or as I like to call it, war paint) because a thick physical layer ensures adequate sun protection when exposed to water. The last thing surfers want to do while waiting for the next wave is head in for more sunscreen so a strong thick physical barrier provides supreme protection. You can rub the sunscreen in as you would a normal lotion but because Non-Nano Zinc Oxide is a physical blocker, the sunscreen must be applied correctly and evenly to ensure proper protection from UV rays.

I’m traveling to a Reef-Safe beach on vacation, is your sunscreen TSA friendly?

Yes! Our sunscreen tins are 3oz and meet the size requirements for carry-on and checked baggage. Our sunscreen tins are spill proof with a twist top lid making them ideal for travel.

Is it edible?

Believe it or not, our sunscreen products are so natural that you could actually eat them! We don’t recommend it however as they were specifically designed for sun protection and not taste. ;)

How long does it last for?

Our sunscreens carry an expiration date of up to two years but because it’s a natural product it is best if used within the first year of purchase.